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DC Equipment to Celebrate the Launch of New Zealand's First Locally Manufactured Madill Log Loader Excavators

In a progressive development for New Zealand's industrial sector, DC Equipment, a Tasman-based manufacturing company, proudly announces the first-ever production run of Madill Log Loader Excavators right in the heart of Nelson-Tasman.

This launch not only represents a significant achievement for DC Equipment but also heralds a new era for the entire New Zealand manufacturing landscape, introducing the first locally produced commercial excavators.


Historic Acquisition and Local Manufacturing Revival

In a strategic move that reflects its commitment to innovation and local industry, DC Equipment acquired the iconic Madill brand from the Canadian based Nicholson Group in July 2023. Having been associated with robust cable logging equipment globally and cherished by loggers throughout North America, the Madill brand brings a legacy stretching back to 1911.

Under the stewardship of DC Equipment's founder, Dale Ewers—a seasoned logger with a 35 year connection to Madill—the brand is set to thrive. 'Owning a Madill tower yarder was a dream of mine when I first saw them,' Ewers comments. 'Madill’s reputation for durability and performance makes it a perfect match with our Falcon brand’s values. This is more than an acquisition; it's about creating a legacy of excellence in the logging industry.'


Launch Event Announcement

DC Equipment is excited to invite media, industry stakeholders, and the community to the launch event for the first two Madill 4000 Log Loaders. The event is scheduled for May 31, 2024, at 2:30pm, marking a historic moment as these machines roll off the production line at our Nelson-Tasman facility.


Innovation Meets Tradition

With this acquisition, DC Equipment not only enhances its existing product lineup but also reaffirms its mission to transform the steep-slope logging industry globally through safety and productivity enhancements. 'Our goal isn’t to be the largest manufacturer, far from it, but to deliver the best solutions to our customers,' Ewers emphasizes.

This commitment extends to maintaining the integrity and heritage of the Madill brand, with plans to integrate DC Equipment’s advanced technologies and innovations without altering the essence of Madill's trusted machinery.


Looking Forward

While details on future plans will be unveiled at the event, Ewers assures us that the core of Madill's identity will remain intact. 'Madill will always be Madill—there’s a tremendous amount of heritage, history and customer loyalty we recognise and respect. We see exciting opportunities to enhance these machines with our innovative technology, especially for use in challenging steep slope conditions.'

About DC Equipment

After witnessing several accidents in the logging industry, Dale Ewers established DC Equipment as an independent business that had previously been a part of his logging operations. Motivated by the wider impact these accidents had to workers, family, crew and the operation Dale set out to revolutionise and enhance safety in steep-slope logging operations.


Known for its Falcon Forestry Equipment brand, DC Equipment offers a comprehensive range of logging equipment, renowned for safety and reliability across more than a million operational hours with a record of zero harm. Currently DC Equipment manufactures and exports equipment to North and South America, while supplying the NZ and Australian markets.

As the new home of Madill, DC Equipment is poised to deliver integrated, innovative solutions to logging contractors worldwide, advancing towards automation, data integration, and lower-emission technologies.

To register your attendance for the event, please email Sophie Hayles via sophie@logger.co.nz

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