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Tower yarding at it's best



Any length cycle. Any grapple.

Watch Daniel Boone tour a new 172B including a walk around the machine and insight into the operator controls and cab.

Madill 172 overview

Find out why the Madill 172 is arguably known as the best tower yarder in the world

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Designed with everyone in mind

Comfort, control & clear visibility

Spending the majority of your day in a cab demands a lot from the cab. From climate control, comfort and visibility - all are essential to provide the best environment or the best operators.

The programmable control system enables the operator to have the button configuration set on their terms.

Controlled climate system
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Programmable controls

Production, payoff and a valuable asset

With a Madill 172, you're investing in a future-proofed asset.

With a name that is renown with retaining value, known for reliability and approved by operators as the benchmark standard you reduce the risks of not having the right piece of the equipment for the block, fast depreciation and the inability to find skilled operators. 

Madill Maintains Value
Operators Approve
More reliability, less downtime

Accessible, intuitive and simple

With a little more consideration during the design phase of the product manufacturing means, you can save time working on the Madill 172. 

We also provide wrap-around support to approved service providers to ensure the machines remain operational and productive.

Accessible maintenance areas
Technical Support
Ongoing training

Balance block management without compromise

Harvesting blocks shouldn't be at the expense of the environment or the bottom line. The Madill 172 enables contractors to have options when it comes to effectively and efficiently harvesting including ZMA's or environmentally sensitive areas.

Mechanization compatible
Meets local regulations
Harvest sensitive areas

Madill customers are your customers

When you partner with Madill you access a community of Madill customers who support a product that supports them. 

Build a strong relationship with your customers though providing sales, service & support.

Support Opportunities
Grow your distribution
build your customer network

Fitting into you current operations

With a range of configurations through 5 drums of rope, tower heights and compatible carriages  the Madill 172 is the pinnacle of short to long distance tower yarding around the world.

5 drum capacity
Specifications built for the job
Carriage or cable compatible
172 Two Column img (1)
(1) GX050030 00-05-30






Series 60, 14.0 Litre Tier 3


450 HP @ 2100 RPM, 28 CFM Compression


(Available in Tier 3, where applicable)








4500 OFS – 5 speed forward / 1 speed reverse


Fully automatic (2nd to 5th) with lockup torque converter


Powershift capability – buttons on joystick shift up / down




Madill helical cut, induction hardened




24 volt 70 amp alternator


Single variable flow main pump, separate gear pump for clutch actuation and pilot control.





D7, 17'8" long x 12'" wide

28" double grouser



17’ 6” x 11’ 8”  pitch excavator rail .

5334 mm x 3556 mm pitch excavator rail


8.5” pitch excavator rail


Track Roller Count:

11 per side


Track Shoes:

52 per side,  28.0 ̋ wide..

Track rollers: 11 per side Track shoes: 52 per side 711 mm wide






Heavy duty welded frame, line bored, drum shafts supported by large diameter roller bearings, hydraulic clutches and water cooled brakes for main (skidline), haulback and skyline, main haulback and tag, calliper disk on strawline, graduated tension control via foot treadles and/or ‘yarding control’ hand lever













2,900 ft. of Ø7/8” rope



2,600 ft. of Ø7/8” rope



5,500 ft. of Ø5/8” rope

Maximum Pull: 

121,000 lbs


Maximum Pull: 

172,000 lbs


Maximum Pull: 

124,000 lbs

Maximum Speed: 

4,050 fpm


Maximum Speed: 

3,230 fpm


Maximum Speed: 

4,080 fpm 












4,480 ft. of Ø3/8” rope



2,300 ft. of Ø1/2” rope 



Maximum Pull: 

20,000 lbs


Maximum Pull: 

24,000 lbs



Maximum Speed: 

3,960 fpm


Maximum Speed: 

4,210 fpm










Side entry

Climate Control:

53,500 BTU heater

33,000 BTU air conditioner

Yarding Controls:

Electric over air/hydraulic


High-visibility glass left hand side window with external guarding, glass front window with external guarding. All other windows in Lexan and backup bars.


Dual windshield wipers


Hydraulic tilting riser cab for transportation

In-cab controls:

High temperature, low level sensors, alarms and gauges


Hydraulic side-tilt


Grammar seat with armrest controls


SIRIUS satellite radio module and antenna



Guylines (5) Capacity:


Guylines (5) Capacity:

76.2m of 43mm single part


250 ft 1/8” single part 



Maximum Pull:

 8,500 lbs

3.9 Ton


Maximum Speed:

165 ft/min.

50 m ./min.



72’ telescoping and tilting with hydraulic cylinders, 3 swiveling fairleads

72’ telescoping and tilting with hydraulic cylinders, 3 swiveling fairleads




House Guards:

Formed front guards left and right

Fuel Tank:

500 U.S. gallon fuel capacity

Shipping Weight:

110,500 lbs (approx) (no lines, 100 gallons of fuel)




Single variable flow main pump, separate gear pump for clutch actuation and pilot control.

24-volt 70-amp alternator

Formed front guards right and left

110,500 lbs (approx) (No lines, 100 gallons fuel)..49.9 Ton (approx) (No lines, 400 litres of fuel)

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Including machine specifications
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Locate your nearest distributor
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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Can I explore financing options for the Madill 172B Tower Yarder?

Most of our distributors can provide a range of payment options for their own products or a third parties product’s offering, including outright purchase to leasing. Please discuss with your nearest distributor to find the payment terms that suit you best.

What warranty is provided with the Madill 172B Tower Yarder?

Madill 172B Tower Yarders come with a XX months/XXX hours warranty.

Do you offer lease-to-own or finance options for the Madill 172B Tower Yarder?

Yes, we offer lease-to-own and finance options. For detailed information, please consult your sales representative.

Will training be provided for the Madill 172B Tower Yarder?

Absolutely, comprehensive training will be provided during the commissioning of the machine. Additional specific training can also be arranged upon request. We ensure you're fully confident in operating the Madill 172B Tower Yarder before completing the training.

What is the process to purchase a Madill 172B Tower Yarder?

Sales of new Madill machines are conducted through the authorized distributor network. Please see our Distributor network here.

Are spare parts readily available for the Madill 172B Tower Yarder?

Yes, all necessary parts and components for the Madill 172B Tower Yarder are stocked and available through DC Equipment approved distributors.

What support and technical backup is available in New Zealand?

We have dedicated service team members across the country, complemented by technical support to ensure your operations run smoothly without stress.

What support and technical backup is provided internationally?

Our global service network includes well-trained service technicians supported by a technical team in New Zealand, ensuring effective technical assistance for your operations worldwide.

What is the fuel consumption of a Madill 172B Tower Yarder?
Madill 172 Tower yarders come with a 12 month /2000 hour (whichever comes first)  warranty.
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