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Move wood with ease

Accommodating & agile

Suitable for small to medium piece sizes, the Madill 3000 balances fuel efficiency with size with getting log loading jobs on the landing done.

Madill 3000B overview

Find out why the Madill 3000B Log Loader is one of the most popular log loader solutions for small to medium piece size environments. 

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Designed with everyone in mind

Comfort, control & clear visibility

Spending the majority of your day in a cab demands a lot from the cab. From climate control, comfort and visibility - all are essential to provide the best environment or the best operators.

With the  long boom reach, combined with an 'up front' feel, operators have the control and viability they need to be comfortable all day, every day.

High visibility design
Up front view
Long reach

Production, payoff and a valuable asset

With a Madill 3000 Log Loader, you're able to provide you operation with an agile piece of equipment which can can adapt to where it needed most.

Reliability, dependability and a machine operators are happy to be in, you'll find there will be less resourcing issues for staff and a machine that holds it's value.

Madill maintains value
Operators approve
More reliability, less downtime

Accessible, intuitive and simple

With a little more consideration during the design phase of the product manufacturing means, you can save time working on the Madill 3000 Log Loader.

We also provide wrap-around support to approved service providers to ensure the machines remain operational and productive.

Accessible maintenance areas
Technical Support
Ongoing training

Balance environment impacts with productivity

Harvesting blocks shouldn't be at the expense of the environment or the bottom line. The Madill 3000 enables contractors to efficiently load logs and support other wood movement activities in the harvesting process.

Fuel efficient
Meets local regulations
Machine weight distribution considerations

Madill customers are your customers

When you partner with Madill you access a community of Madill customers who support a product that supports them. 

Build a strong relationship with your customers though providing sales, service & support.

Support opportunities
Grow your distribution
build your customer network

Better design. Better comfort

The Madill 3000 Log Loader was designed with adding the extras to ensure versatility was at the forefront. From weight distribution and tub positioning to track sizing and cab placement - The Madill 3000 has been optimized to tackle log movements with ease.

Optimal cab placement
long reach
Functional tub positioning
Madil 3000 yarder Two Column (1)
(3) Madill 3000 Log Loader Operator Testimonial 00-00-28
(3) Madill 3000 Log Loader Operator Testimonial 00-01-48





 TAD873VE Volvo 8 liter, Tier 4, 320 HP @ 2000 RPM  


Side by side charge air, radiator, and hydraulic oil cooler.
Hydraulically driven, reversing fan.


Hydraulic Pumps:

280cc main pump
Fan pump
Pilot pump
Main system pressure 4,500 PSI



Linde “Synchron” load sensing valve, hydraulically piloted providing tuneable multi-function capability.
Pressure compensated priority swing valve.



10 micron return filter with electronic and visual indicators.
Pressure filtration on swing and pilot oil circuits.



 2 Speed to 2.8 mph.

2 Speed 4.5kph

Fluid Capacities:

Fuel – 240 U.S. gallon (908 liter)
Hydraulic Oil – 96 U.S. gallon (363 liter)
DEF – 18 U.S. gallon (68 liter)







Boom Reach:

Heel boom maximum reach 40’6” 12.3 meters
Butt N Top maximum reach 36’ 11 meters
12.3 meters

Gross Lift:


- 20’ – 33,460 lbs6 meters - 15.2 Ton

25’ – 25,900 lbs. 7.6 meters - 11.75 Ton

30’ – 20,330 lbs .9.1 meters - 9.22 Ton

35’ – 14,910 lb. 10.6 meters - 6.76 Ton




Boom: ø5.91"17.5cm

Stick: ø6.69"17cm

Heel: ø5.9"15cm











 95,000 lbs (approximate) without attachment./span> 43,100 kg

Ground Pressure:


68 kPa

Under Carriage:

17’0” long x 11’11” wide. 5.18 m long x 3.63 m wide
Track rollers: 9 per side. 9 per side
Track pitch: 8.5” (215.9 mm). 215.9 mm
Track shoes: 50 per side. 50 per side
Track shoe width: 29.9” (760 mm)


Car Body Clearance:

32" 81cm


Tractive Effort:

77,200 lbs (calculated). 35,000 kg



11'2". 3.40 m











Single piece hydraulically raised house c/w tube frame
Punched plate grilles
Easy access stairway


High visibility, abrasion-resistant
polycarbonate windows
Skylight (Emergency Exit)
Power sliding rear side windows
A/C, heater, and defroster
Heated seat
Bluetooth audio
Reverse camera
Hydraulically lowered for transport

Cab riser:

Fully enclosed, stationary riser houses all cab and control electronics, batteries, and power pack







Swing bearing:

60". 1.52 m

Swing drive:

Twin swing drives with two-stage relief valves

Swing speed:

7.5 RPM. 7.5 RPM

Swing torque:

102,000 ft-lbs (calculated). 138,300 Nm



Looking for more information?
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Including machine specifications
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Locate your nearest distributor
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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

I am looking to purchase a Madill Log loader, should I purchase the 3000 or the 4000?

This is very dependent on the size of the wood your operation handles, the majority of the tasks the log loader is needed for and your business needs. If you’re unsure about what Log Loader is best suited for, reach out to us to discuss the major considerations today.

Can I explore financing options for the Madill 3000 Log Loader?

Most of our distributors can provide a range of payment options for their own products or a third parties product’s offering, including outright purchase to leasing. Please discuss with your nearest distributor to find the payment terms that suit you best.

What warranty is provided with the Madill 3000 Log Loader?

All Madill 3000 Log Loaders come with a 12 months/1500 hours warranty - whichever comes first

Will training be provided for the Madill 3000 Log Loader?

Absolutely, comprehensive training will be provided during the commissioning of the machine. Additional specific training can also be arranged upon request. We ensure you're fully confident in operating the Madill 3000 Log Loader before completing the training.

What is the process to purchase a Madill 3000 Log Loader?

Sales of new Madill machines are conducted through the authorized distributor network. Please see our Distributor network here.

Are spare parts readily available for the Madill 3000 Log Loader?

Yes, all necessary parts and components for the Madill 4000 Log Loader are stocked and available through DC Equipment approved distributors.

What support and technical backup is available in New Zealand?

We have dedicated service team members across the country, complemented by technical support to ensure your operations run smoothly without stress.

What support and technical backup is provided internationally?

Our global service network includes well-trained service technicians supported by a technical team in New Zealand, ensuring effective technical assistance for your operations worldwide.

What is the fuel consumption of a Madill 3000 Log Loader?

Yes, if you'd like to learn more about financing solutions for our equipment including the Madill 3000 Log Loader then please contact us so we can help determine the best approach for your situation.

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