About DC Equipment

About DC Equipment

DC Equipment, founded by Dale Ewers in 2010, has a compelling mission: revolutionize steep-slope logging for safety and productivity. The Falcon Forestry Equipment brand, under DC Equipment's banner, has been a game-changer with its motorized grapple carriages, winch assist machines, attachments, and camera systems - all of Having amassed over 1,000,000 operational hours with zero harm, DC Equipment's legacy aligns seamlessly with Madill's commitment to excellence.


Humble beginnings

DC Equipment’s mission is to create safer and more productive steep slope industries throughout the world. DC Equipment design and manufacture a range of mechanised steep slope equipment that significantly reduces the health and safety risk to workers whilst at the same time increasing the overall efficiency and productivity of crews.

Based in the New Zealand town of Brightwater at the top of the South Island, they produce the Falcon Forestry Equipment (FFE) range as well as providing maintenance and repairs services to logging crews and FFE equipment owners.


The Why

Each product is based around the fundamental principle of developing uncomplicated, easy to use equipment that reduces health and safety risks to workers whilst increasing the productivity of the entire crew. This is achieved through developing specific equipment to remove workers from the riskiest parts of the process. The mechanised equipment then provides the crew with the ability to carry out their tasks more efficiently and in greater volume.

After the successful introduction of the Falcon Claw, DC Equipment has developed further products including the Falcon Grapple Camera System for Swing Yarders, the Falcon Hydraulic Winch Assist for mechanised felling and most recently the Falcon Tandem Carriage enabling loggers to harvest mechanically in environmentally sensitive areas.



Today, DC Equipment sells products throughout New Zealand as well as exporting to Chile and Canada, North America, Brazil and Australia. DC Equipment continue to build on their current product range by developing new products that will progress their mission towards zero Health & Safety incidents and greater productivity for high-risk, steep-slope industries.

In The News

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